Qualifying Examination Guidelines

for the Certification Process

The European Aligner Society aims to provide information on orthodontic aligner therapy to clinicians and the public through effective communication and education. Knowledge will be underpinned by promoting high standards in orthodontic aligner treatment and through research.

EBAO 2024 registrations for EBAO Awards will open with the start of membership renewal 2024 and registration for EAS 5th Congress 2024 Valencia. The opening of registration is planned for the last week of September 2023.

The mission of the European Board of Aligner Orthodontics (EBAO) is to certify the expertise, the skills, the attributes, and the comprehensive knowledge of orthodontics, with emphasis in orthodontic aligner treatment, through certification and periodic re-evaluation and by encouraging the achievement and maintenance of Diplomate status. A suitable candidate is to be committed to the advancement of orthodontic aligner treatment, to life-long learning and a lifetime of ethical practices. Furthermore, EBAO aims to dignify the art and science of orthodontics and elevate the quality of orthodontic care by promoting high standard evidence-based practice in orthodontic aligner treatment and encouraging research in this field. EBAO also collaborate with other entities and organizations to improve the whole profession of Dentistry.

The European Board of Aligner Orthodontics aims to be the global leader in orthodontic aligner treatment board certification and to set the standards of care for excellence in this discipline.

To accomplish our stated mission, EBAO is committed to being responsive, innovative and effective. EBAO will meet that commitment by promoting:

– respectful listening, communication and engagement,

– acceptance of different perspectives and cultures,

– ethical, compassionate and responsible behavior of its members

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