Application Deadline

November 20, 2023

Case Submission Deadline

January 29, 2024

Case Evaluation Result

February 29, 2024 at EAS Valencia Congress

Oral Examination Date

February 29, 2024, 8.00 - 14 at EAS Valencia Congress

The next session of EBAO examination will take place during the 5th EAS Congress that will take place in Valencia, Spain, on 29 Feb - 2 Mar 2024


The appropriate total fee can be paid online ( or through bank transfer to:

EAS Euro Account, HSBC
IBAN: GB29HBUK40127684058146

At least 30 days before the provided date for the examination.

Once your payment was completed please register on EBAO website your account.

The presentations consist of a digital slideshow (file .ppt, .pptx, keynote, etc. without limits in file size) for each case proposed.
The templates for presentation are available online in the EBAO dashboard after registration.

Please, first join using the form available here: Join EBAO

Each of the presented cases will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee, which will be unknown until the day of examination. Each case may be evaluated as follow:

“Case approved”: it meets all the excellence standards requirements for EBAO membership.

“Case accepted”: it meets the standards requirements for EBAO membership partially, so it needs to be revised or replaced.

“Case to be revised / replaced”: the case only partially meets the standards requirements for EBAO membership, so the case needs to be amended or replaced.

If the candidate collects two (2) approvals by the scientific committee, he/she will be awarded the Proficiency Award.

If the candidate collects a further 3 (3) approvals by the scientific committee, in combination with the two (2) stage 1 approved cases, he/she can move forward to the oral presentation.
If the oral presentation is deemed successful, he/she will be awarded the EBAO Certification of Clinical Excellence.

If one (1) or more cases will be revised or replaced, the candidate has the possibility for the following twentyfour (24) months to take part in case presentation.

The EBAO Oral examination aims to demonstrate critical thinking, clinical decision-making-ability, competence in the field of orthodontics with special regards in aligner orthodontics.

The oral examination consists of about 30 min debating one of the presented cases (if the oral exam follows the case presentation).

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